Celebrate your Jubilee, in Zell am See..!!

When it comes about the lakes and the mountains, It's easy to think Zell am See. A crystal clear water, land situated on the shore of one of the most beautiful lakes in Salzburger Land: Lake Zell. Travelers all around the world head towards Zel Um Sea for their ultimate summer holidays. When I went to Zell am See, I knew nothing about the place. However, the beauty of the mountains and glaciers made unforgettable memories for me. It's said for Zell am See that the music is not in the notes but the silence in between. A trip to Salzburg can never be complete without visiting the Sound of Music locations. The Baroque architecture and the rushing river water is one of the many reasons behind the saying. 

It's quite a popular tourist destination because it's not as expensive as touring Vienna. But for me, the city was very inspiring because of its vibe, weather, and culture. I call it the fairy tale city because of the famous fortresses on the hill, the river that divides the town and the Alps. When I traveled to Salzburg not knowing what to expect, the city with grey, off white buildings and a little bit of tiffany green dome, I realized Salzburg is much more than just Mozart and The Sound of Music. It's beautiful. 

My trip for famous summer destinations, started with the cities of Innsbruck, followed by Salzburg, ending up in Zell am See. I spent my maximum time exploring the city of Salzburg out from these popular summer holiday destinations. Being the film location for The Sound of Music, Salzburg is the best known from the bunch. 

If you have not visited Austria yet and have not seen the ultimate beauty of Zell Am See, Salzburg or Innsbruck, let me take you there hand in hand with my experience. 

"Innsbruck, the cultural dramaturge."

I started mine with the heart of Innsbruck, the breathtaking experience the "Jewel of the Alps," Nordkette mountain. I was lucky to be able to have a view of such a beautiful nature being on the top of the hill. The charming amalgam of natural beauty and rich cultural legacy, it's no wonder that Innsbruck has an irresistible combination of soaring mountains, a fascinating Habsburg history, and vibrant atmosphere. It was eye thrilling to see lots of mountain bikers who were able to tackle the exhilarating trail that leads down the mountain.

Filled with stunning beauty, snow-capped mountains was my backdrop with architectural dreams surrounding. Wandering the old town in the morning with the scenes from Goldenes Dachl Museum had plenty to see and do. I was lost in the narrow street of the beautiful area. Also, after accessing “cable car” and inclined walk i had the coolest experience to see the highest zoo in Europe in Innsbruck. The views from the zoo over Innsbruck were b-e-a-u, beautiful. 

Using the Nordketten Cable car I went whole way up to the highest peak in Innsbruck to see views across to Italy and German. It was prenominal, an out of world experience and a must try recommendation for all of you. There was an igloo also at the top, and a bar that used to turn into a nightclub in the evenings. 

By evening I had my lunch at Seegrube Restaurant, typically Tyrolean lunch with hot chocolate with cream and a side of brandy with complete peace of mind and soft music.

There are so many fantastic, otherworldly, beautiful places to see in Austria. However, the next day started with the lovely road trip of Salzburg. 

Salzburg, the nature's urge..

The scenery all over the road trip to Salzburg was gorgeous, and experiencing the Alps was at my pace. With a towering facade and magnificent blue domes, the cathedral was a stunner. 

I was lucky to catch classical music being played in the square, of Hohensalzburg Castle, while strolling around the impressive fortress. 

By afternoon I was impressed with the fountains and winding paths at the Mirabell Garden, The Sound of Music. I was fortunate to have thousands of clicked memories throughout the journey. Also, I had the privilege to buy lots of gorgeous displays that features food, Christmas decor, winter clothes, and many delicacies.

By day end, I had my 3-course meal at an intimate romantic setting located just step away from the Salzburg Cathedral.The striking peaks, sprawling glaciers, and quaint yet stunning towns are still floating in my heart. The last day of my trip ended with Zell am See. 

Zell am See, don't miss the nature's beauty and don’t forget to Ski. 

The Slopes, the skiing, the city is for me. The skiing mountains were behaving as if i was known to them for years and years. 

I had a ski tour up to the Ronachkopf beautiful mountain, famous exclusively for snowshoe hikers and ski tourers like me. I had the privilege to enjoy spectacular igloos, the music lounge, sundeck and bar, with a cool retreat to enjoy my holiday. I became a little more dare-devil and enjoyed a gigantic ski resort where there was plenty of space for crazy parks and pipes. 

Zell am See is not, just about the lake and the mountains, but the town was also really pretty. There were loads of really nice cafes and restaurants dotted all over the place.

I also attended the ‘Magic Lake Show’ One of the best rated activities in Zell am See, the majestic performance with water, light, music and laser, a wow experience. 

Go for a walk hand in hand with your love around the shimmering lake, celebrate your Jubilee in Austria. On board a ship, and get a different perspective of your holiday destination. Visit all the snow, hills, churches, igloos and make memories. Head to happiness to Zell am See for your summer holidays. Its the best gift for you or your loved ones. Gift them the beautiful and ever memorable destination trip to Zell Am See, Salzbarg, and Innsbruck in Austria. 


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