Apt Synonym For Travelling...Unravelling

As a child when I used to go to the school, market or any place, my grandfather used to say- travel to the place and he still does so. When I grew sensible enough, I truly understood the true significance of the term, travel and I thank him every day. When you state, for instance- I am going to the market or ask someone go to the market, you are simply going to perform a specific duty or task but when you replace the term go with travel, the complete meaning changes. When you travel, you observe and experience each and every minute bit that you come across and derive real pleasure which is otherwise hidden. Well, I will attempt to explain it with real life and mundane examples and I am absolutely certain that you will agree with me with the last sentence.

I have a simple yet relevant question which I ask everyone i.e. For how many days you may consume particular variety of food adding the assumption that it may be the most delicious delicacy. Maybe a month or two after which your heart will certainly ache and demand for change. In that situation, even a normal meal will prove to be highly inviting and appealing. The same condition applies to our settings as well. No matter even if we stay in a highly comfortable environment with all kinds of facilities at beck and call, you will still get bored stiff at some point in time, sooner or later and the best solution to introduce best change is to travel to different destinations. Mother Nature has scattered its beauty in all corners and in various forms. Be it jungles, mountains, valleys, sea shores or meadows, every bit has its own beauty which shall not be overlooked in the same way if you do not want to remain devoid of tasting different cuisines. The breathtaking beauty spread all across is truly liberating and will leave you awe-struck every time and induces huge respect for other forms of creation which we seldom think of sitting in concrete establishments. Travelling to such destinations imbibe respect for other incredible formations of Mother Nature and also make you better aware of sad state of affairs from close quarters as far as deteriorating environmental conditions are concerned and you tend to grow more responsible towards co-existence of all forms of life which is quintessential for our own existence as well. 

In a nutshell, travelling enables to widen your horizon and appreciate the magical influence of Nature and this admiration brings us closer to it and we tend to take measures to protect it from further damage at least at our own micro level. There is another interesting aspect of travelling which may play an instrumental role in turning us into responsible and sensible beings in real sense, in fact, in all respects. When you travel, you come across different set of people who have different cultures, values and traditions, their lifestyles are different and so is their outlook towards life. Their lives maybe difficult than ours but they maybe living closer in the lap of Mother Nature. The close interaction with them helps you to learn and touch upon several aspects of life to which are left unattended but are significant beyond doubt. The positive learning curve and widening of horizon also inculcate deep sense of respect for others and different cultures and with that comes higher level of tolerance.

The added advantages of travelling are that it makes you better equipped to face challenges, different situations, turns you lively and more adventurous and highly organic. 

So, is the hustle bustle at your end is an indication that you are arranging your backpack for Travelling.!!


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