Don Travelling Shoes, Depression Is Bound To Lose

The strings of achievement and series of successes define a meaningful life in this mortal world. Majority of us simply yen to be termed our lives as a true success story but not each one of us may prove to be equally fortunate. The inclination towards achievement and fiascos on the way many a time leaves us drained and drag several of us in state of depression. The time is running out and I have so much to achieve is the thought that hovers in our mind constantly. It is quintessential to break the shackles of anxiety and take a deep dip in the crystal water bodies which will help you to rekindle the sense of joy and will teach you a great deal in their own unique manner. 

There are beautiful beaches in different parts of India and beach tour may be highly interesting, inevitably exciting and joyfully relaxing. The calm and still waters abruptly burst into high tides and appear as turmoil which may be well compared with our lives. But in the end, sooner or later, the turmoil is safely replaced by calmness. This is a pivotal lesson oceans teach us if we yen to learn. Moving away from philosophical side of it, the beaches along the coastline offer something or the other for everyone. Absorbing sunrays to heart’s content, taking a quick dip, swimming for hours, deep diving or snorkeling, lazing around with a book in one hand and coconut oozing with water beside, you may enjoy in your own way. This is one of the reasons why Beach packages are in demand round the year except for monsoons. 

The beaches namely Radha Nagar, Long Island, Port Blair, Elephant Beach, Corbyn’s Cove Beach at Andaman and Nicobar Islands are great destinations to relax and revive the energy level with welcoming sunrays penetrating through coconut and other tropical fruits trees. Snorkelling and Deep Diving may be enjoyed fully at Havelock’s Island. The beaches at Lakshadweep are equally popular, completely exotic and less crowded. The crystal clear waters sans crowd give a complete impression that you would have landed at Maldives. There are 36 coral islands but only five are inhabited namely Kavaretti, Kalpeni, Kadamat, Minicoy and Bangaram respectively. They are ideal for fishing, yachting, deep diving and snorkeling. 

However, whenever we mention popular beaches in India, Goa appears in the mind as preferred choice. Not only the beaches but life along the beaches, resorts and beach parties take you away to the new world of enjoyment and ecstasy altogether. The most popular beaches at Goa are Mandrem Beach, Chapora Beach, Agonda Beach, Candolim Beach, Cavelossim Beach, Palolem Beach, Calangute Beach and the list does continue. 

Though, Goa remains a great choice as one of the prominent beach destinations in India but Diu does not lag behind. Nagoa Beach which has special palm trees Hoka, Ghoghla Beach which is known for golden sands and continual sighting of dolphins, Jallandhar beach with divinity attached, Chakratirth and Gomtimata beaches are worth visiting and each breath taken lying on the sand will enhance energy level and peace of mind substantially. The crystal clear water alongside Varkala Beach which is located in Kerala is not only a chosen place to relax in an oblivion way but has religious significance as well. The beach also known as Papnasam Beach is believed to wash away all the sins with a single dip. Exciting…

Your idea to relax and enjoy maybe different but the options we may find at beaches are bound to cover all of them.

So, let us take the worries well-packed from here, come and take a refreshing dip at one of the beaches and sink the package conveniently there.


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