Experience Rich Tradition In A Foreign Land, Cherish The Coral Treasures In Bali Island..

No matter how often you travel, within the boundaries or beyond, it is always exciting to decide on a perfect holiday. We are, for most of the time, anxious of the severance we feel at a new, unknown place. What if, instead you come to know of a land full of rich tradition and culture, a land of deep-rooted spirituality and warm hospitality. A famed island of Gods, with a variety of landscapes of hills and mountains, rugged coastline and sandy beaches. The place that claims to be a paradise on earth: the BALI islands of Indonesia.

The island of Bali lies to the east of Java and is home to most of Indonesia’s hindu minority. Holidays in Bali are a complete package in themselves as the island is famous for a collection of attributes. On one hand where Bali islands are renowned for their highly developed arts, traditional and modern dance, sculpture, painting, leather work, metal work and music, on the other side it provides a perfect vacation for nature lovers as well. The islands are a part of the coral triangle and possess highest biodiversity of marine species as over 500 reef building coral species can be found here. If this is not just enough, during Bali holidays tourists may also visit to glorious destination which includes exotic heritage sites, volcanic rises, magnificient temples, monkey swings and lush green vegetations.

Apart from this, a trip to Bali includes some fascinating and adventure sports as well. Adventure-crazy people can enjoy a wide range of dive sites, thrilling water sports, parasailing, scuba diving and snorkelling. Bali is an ideal destination for lovers as well, old and young alike. For people in love, Bali offers a colourful kaleidoscopic of dusks and dawns, romantic island hopping and sunset dinner cruises. The island is famous for its sandy beaches and rolling surf. Beaches in south have white sand whereas in the north and west fascinate you with their black sandy beaches.

Bali trip secretly enthralls you with its mesmerisinging views and forces you to completely lose yourself in the surroundings. The place has a fairly even, tropical climate that inspires the natives to rejoice round the year. Festivals and celebrations do not cease and there is always an atmosphere of festivity and bliss. The island has received the ‘Best Island Award’ from Travel and Leisures. The main tourist places that must be a included in your itinerary are the town of Kuta, the east coast town of Sanur, Ubud towards the center, to the south of the Ngurah rail international airport, Jinbaran and the newer developments of Nusa Dua and Pecatu.

Bali tour packages presents a colourful, picturesque glorious beauty which everybody wishes to experience and enjoy. A tour of Bali is equally fascinating for the old, tradition-loving, adventure-seeker, nature lover and honeymooning couples. So, pack your bags, beauty with fun is on the call, Bali awaits...


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