Land At This Island, Holidaying Here Has New Trend...

I have always felt that travelling and holidaying at incredible destinations keep you agile, young and vibrant and it becomes much better and colourful when you are surrounded by young people from different parts of this lovely planet, Earth. What becomes more exciting and magical is that when you party the whole night and enjoy each and every moment in company of complete strangers who soon become pals. Well, I am not talking of any regular discotheque but of an amazing destination which is situated in Mediterranean Sea and is world famous for its nightlife, sunny beach, water sports activities, breathtaking sunset, luxury-inspired port and untouched heritage sites. If you have guessed it right, let me reveal it and grab the entire credit. 

Yes, I am talking of Ibiza Island located in Spain. Let me throw some light on the most happening nights at Ibiza and I am most certain that you will plan a trip to Ibiza Island. Some of the most popular music artists and DJs perform at the night clubs at the Island and when you look around what you see is glittering light, swarm of young faces and enjoyment spread all across. Some of the most popular nightclubs are Es Paradis, DC10 and Eden. There are numerous beaches on the island with imposing cliffs, rocky sand at some and gold-coloured sand at others. The beaches offer best opportunity to relax, rejuvenate and refresh your body and soul and yes tanning comes as a bonus. Some of the beaches that must be explored are Benirras Beach, Cala d’en Serra and Aguas Blancas besides several others.

If you love water and are courageous enough to take up water sports that provide utmost excitement, thrill and adrenaline rush. Popular water sports include jet skiing, parasailing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, kayak excursions, snorkeling and swimming are some of them. When holidaying at Ibiza Island, you cannot stay away from Eivissa Dalt Vila which is ancient part of the old town with colossal cathedral of Santa Maria d’Eivissa and Necropolis of Puig des Molins which is a cemetery with an interesting saga tagged along.

The tour to Ibiza Island will bring you closer to Mother Nature and a trip to Ses Salines National Park will strengthen the bond. It hosts many untouched beaches, around 178 species of plants and act as haven for 210 species of birds which are only found in Mediterranean. Talk of the perfect sunset and exhilarating trekking, none can match Es Vedra which also gets due attention because of several allegedly UFO sightings. The sunset at Ses Variades is also a sight when the sun slips under the horizon turning the colour of still water to fiery orange. 

Discovery of Atlantis, a former quarry,  Formentera that nestle myriad pristine beaches and a visit to bustling port of Ibiza where several cruise ships, fishing boats and luxury yachts halt and sail from. Well, while sharing my experiences here, my heart has got flooded with memories at Ibiza and I will soon make a visit. How about you!


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