Choose Home Stay, Leave With An Experience Unmatchable And Gay..

Staying in a highly comfortable resort with touch of luxury is the best self-pampering act. You may relax a great deal, taste variety of cuisines, take a dip in crystal clear swimming pool and visit exquisite places. What else may one extract from a perfect vacation ? Well, if you believe me, a lot more but for that you have to enter another world wrapped with comfort, care, respect, reality, adventure and closeness. If some of you have guessed already, you are absolutely right. I am talking of visiting destinations, simply splendid and plan a stay at homes of the locals which has popularly emerged as concept of home stays promoting the notion of eco-tourism. You do get basic comfort level, mundane amenities, home cooked fresh local cuisines but what you view and breathe is real and tough life of locals secured well by Mother Nature and covered appropriately with simplicity, affection and respect for each and every guest. The concept was introduced in order to involve local communities, generate sources of income for them and above all protect environment which is on the path of swift deterioration. But the beauty of the home stay is that the kind of experience you get in terms of people, culture, values, way of living and adventure is simply unparallel and no place, no matter how luxury-laden may offer it even for a premium. Moreover, you pay far less the amount and even then witness the genuine smile, real happiness and gratitude of the host family.

Today, in this space, we are going to cover Kaladhunghi which is around twenty five kilometers away from Ram Nagar. The place has historical importance and at the same time, it is emerging as a probable destination promoting eco-tourism in foothills of Himalayas. Kaladhunghi acts as an interesting stopover for people going to Nainital as it is merely thirty five kilometers away from the destination. The famous wildlife conservationist, Jim Corbett bought 221 acre land which later got developed into a village, Chhoti Haldwani which has completed hundred years of its existence this year (read year 2015). The local community at the village has formed Corbett Gram Vikas Samiti which manages beautiful home stays with basic comforts in place but hospitality and Kumaoni food served are simply unparallel. You may undertake several nature treks that will leave you spellbound. The most popular treks in this region are Corbett Museum (Jim Corbett’s home was later transformed into museum), Brahmbubu Trail, Shivering Tree Trail, Boar Canal Trail, Ghatghar Trail, Heritage Trail and several others depending upon the availability of time. 

Further, you may choose to stay at Arundel, home of Jim Corbett during his childhood. The present occupants have built beautiful cottages well-equipped with essential facilities and the view of the jungles where Corbett learned to hunt is mesmerizing. The property is quite colossal and has full-fledged orchard and mini cattle corner. The freshness in the air, relaxation in every corner, healthy meal rich with pure ingredients, hospitable owners and locals as staff members and option to learn Hatha Yoga modules under able-guidance of seasoned mentor will compel you to stay for longer than decided. 

Plan your next holiday soon and do enter the space of home stays and people associated. It will not only bring a great experience for you but will act as your contribution to the noble concept of eco-tourism.


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