Hill Town Evergreen, Every Corner Is Exotic & Serene..

How often do you dream ? Well, let me reveal my secret- I dream most often and of incredible destinations-travelled or never travelled. Ok, let me ask you one question-Have you ever dreamt of a beautiful place lush green, forested valleys, lakes and waterfalls ? If yes, my next question is that have you ever visited such an exotic place till now or if not, I can suggest one such place which will appear far more beautiful in reality than in dreams. You do not require throwing long shots. I’m talking about a secluded yet astounding hill town in the State of Tamil Nadu. The town is situated two thousand meters above the sea level which makes the weather pleasant and cool round the year when compared to the weather in the plains. It may be termed as one of the most stunning places to visit in southern state of TamilNadu.

What is more appealing is that this sleepy town has myriad flavours to add and several hues to exhibit. It seems as if Mother Nature has enveloped the town in its embrace and has poured best of its beauty in every single nook and cranny. It has emerged as a popular destination with a difference. Despite the fact that several travelers and tourists from all across the globe visit this paradise, the sense of seclusion, serenity and calmness remain intact unlike many destinations which have got transformed into overcrowded tourists’ hub with complete focus on commercial activities that overshadows the beauty people vie for.

When you plan a trip to Kodaikanal, you shall visit these spots positively as without them, this trip will remain unfulfilled and incomplete. If you are passionate about crystal-clear water bodies, do visit Kodaikanal Lake, Berijam Lake, Mannavanur Lake, Vattakanal Falls, Fairy Falls and Bear Shola Falls. If you have some or keen interest in dwelling into leaves of history and adulating the fine architectural structures, visiting Lutheran Church, Christ the King Church and La Saleth Church will be no less than a treat. There are some Hindu shrines as well which are worth visiting and paying homage to the deities. In this regard, you may visit Kurinji Andavar Temple and Kartikeya Temple as the most sacred and prominent ones.  

Walking in hilly regions, viewing the impeccable beauty of Mother Nature from closest quarters or admiring the breathtaking views are passions of many and if you fall into the same league, Kodaikanal offers several options that will make you lose track of time and senses. You may plan a visit to 80 Mile Round, Silent Valley View Point, Dolmen Circle, Perumal Peak, Chettiar Park, Guna Cave, Lake View Point, Bryant Park Poombarai Village View and Pillar Rocks respectively.

I’m putting an end to my words as all my senses, my heart and my soul are demanding to take a trip to this incredible town and I require packing my bags. Are you coming along…


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