Beauty And Bonding At Its Best, Holidaying Here Is A Real Fest..

There are several destinations in the world that often we get confused that which way to head towards. Each place has its own saga of pristine beauty which is matchless and incomparable with others. But whenever we think of exploring a new destination especially beyond the bounds of the territory of our own nation, we do get struck with an unknown fear no matter how feeble that whether the people at that strange place will be kind enough or not. Whenever we embark on a journey to a place terra incognita, the biggest worry in the minds of not only self but all the beloved ones is that whether the denizens of that place will show humility or not. Well, in majority of cases, these fears wipe out as soon as we step on that land and it appears to be second home.

But imagine if you land at an incredibly beautiful destination where you find strong imprints and influence of Indian culture co-existing and striving peacefully with other prevailing cultures, will it not be a great experience and a huge relief. I’m talking about a country in East Africa which poses breathtaking views and the beauty scattered is no less than spellbinding. It is a volcanic island nation in the Indian Ocean and is known for its beaches, lagoons and reefs. Yes, right you are that impresses me a great deal, we are talking about Mauritius. The nation has majority of population migrated from India and the best bit is that they still have their cultural values, languages and values well intact. However, they have flourishing enterprises with constant trading and transactions with the European Union but they take pride in what they originally are which is highly inspiring and aspiring. Tourism is an important sector in the nation which adds much to the revenue generation of the country.

While on Mauritius trip, you will have so many choices as far as places to visit are concerned exhibiting a unique experience altogether and duplication has no room to it. You may visit Black River Gorges National Park famous not only for its scenic beauty but also for hiking, waterfalls, parks and woods. Further, you may take a trip to Ganga Talao that has a beautiful lake and a popular shrine, Trou aux Cerfs which is a volcano and Tamarind Falls which is a beautiful waterfall and you may enjoy canyoning there. Not only this, you may also visit Crocodile and Giant Tortoise Park, Blue Penny Museum, Eureka House, Mare aux Vacoas, Pieter Both, Jummah Mosque and Mauritius Aquarium respectively. Well, when talking of an island nation, how we may miss on beaches. Mauritius has best beaches in the world and provides enough and more opportunities to plan a relaxing and rejuvenating beach holiday. The most prominent and beautiful beach in the nation is La Preneuse that is known for dolphins sighting as well. 

Do inform me when are you leaving as my bags are already packed!


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