Our Social Bit

Each one of us when take up a position in an organization or start our own enterprise, we only have sole vision i.e. to achieve success in all respects. The fierce competition across all industries and at every step make us work harder and consistently and in this run, we not only lose track of time, our relationships, our social life and above all the society.

We may achieve the success as desired but the question arises-Did we take any measure to serve the society or simply ignore the responsibility. Of late, big Corporations in wake of image building took up several noble and philanthropic causes under the term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in a big manner and sometime back, an amendment in the Companies Act made it compulsory for big players to spend 2 percent of the total revenue each year on such activities. But why only big businesses require to part with their revenue, why not others as well.

No matter how big or small an enterprise is, it has certain responsibilities towards the welfare and development of the society. Don't our hearts wince in pain when we see our brethren from lesser privileged class in deep trouble and limited resources. Many of us may turn our attention into another direction but is it a solution to the growing menace.?

Certainly not and that is Bariza Events & Holidays team has decided to fully support the noble idea of Mr.Deepak, the force behind the establishment and will begin contributing its bit for overall development of the underprivileged children. 

Their innocence, smiles, learning curve and enjoyment simply vanish as they are unable to get right sense of direction and get exposed to all sorts of malpractices. The level of struggle is so high that most of them let their desires and dreams go to backburner and surrender completely. Majority of them emerge as weed which we all seek to uproot and only handful of them are able to achieve something meaningful in life.

Bariza Events & Holidays Pvt. Ltd. seeks to narrow this gap and increase the number of motivated children with dreams in eyes and determination in the hearts. The enterprise will achieve this objective by contributing to its NGO Partner, Pratham who is working in the education sector since 1995, to improve the education system and quality education in our country.

Bariza Events & Holidays Pvt. Ltd. will contribute a certain amount with every booking it receives and seek to make a humble request to come forward and avail travel solutions from the organization so that we all may contribute in a significant way towards this philanthropic drive.


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