Paradise is Way Beyond Legendary Beauty of Dal & Gulmarg, Explore Lesser Experienced Hues and Shades of This Swarg..

It is beyond doubt that when we talk of Paradise on Blue Planet Earth, Kashmir tops the chart. Travellers and tourists from all across the globe visit this destination and cannot restrain themselves from falling in love with the picturesque sites across the destination. This time when I planned my trip to Kashmir, it was with a clear purpose. I wanted to explore offbeat locations in the region. Every bit of Kashmir is beautiful beyond imagination and explanation and has always remained one of my favourite destinations which I yen to visit whenever get an opportunity. I visited several places in Kashmir and was always confused when my friends who know me to be a nomad used to ask me the best places in this heaven. My innate desire to explore more and reach out to somewhat hidden regions brought me to this place where one day I wish to settle down forever. I had done some basic primary research i.e. I have spoken to some equally enthusiastic travellers like me of other places which are yet to be looked into when in Kashmir. Several names came up during my candid yet effective research but I picked up four locations partly due to time constraint and remaining due to the fact that I wanted to explore every inch of these locations but honestly stating, when I visited these sites, I realized the bare fact that the beauty scattered was way beyond the limits that my eyes and heart can ever contain.

During my recourse to explore offbeat places in Kashmir, I landed at Yusmarg which is surrounded by pine forest and snow covered mountain peaks. The location is an ideal destination for nature lovers as the views it exhibits take your breath away. The flower strewn meadows, verdant landscapes and mountain peaks let you lose yourself and get immersed in its impeccable beauty. You may visit Doodh Ganga, Nilnag Lake and Sang-e- Safed valley. The serenity spread all across rejuvenates your soul to the core and that is a promise. The next lesser travelled destination lies in Southern Kashmir, Chatpal. It will not be incorrect to term it as a dream location due to its lush green forests, springs carving way through mountainous terrain and lofty mountain peaks touching rings of clouds. You may take trekking if your adventure self insists else there is enough and more to adulate and appreciate in a relaxed manner.  

Aharbal Waterfalls are quite near to Chatpal located on Veshav River, a tributary of Jhelum River. It is a great destination to trek and do fishing and the gushing waters of Falls is truly a sight to behold and enjoy. Doodh Pathri is a recent discovery and inclusion in tourist places in Kashmir. A bowl shaped valley, it is carpeted with green meadows offering views which you wish to see time and again. 

Well, these few sentences will not be able to satiate your desire to quench your thirst for real exploration of these places. I have a simple suggestion;

Visit them!


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