Use Oars Of Yog To Be Nirog

Whenever I cross any lush green park or garden in the morning (read which I occasionally do as my morning starts at nine), I usually find a group sitting in some central corner with eyes closed, back ramrod straight and inhaling-exhaling incessantly. The groups primarily comprise of old-aged and middle-aged enthusiastic souls with a few younger ones. Over a period of time through my observation, I realized that the sessions which people as Yoga is meant for those who cannot undertake arduous physical exercises and may remain fine with some movements. Closing of eyes and sitting in a posture like that of penance appeared as it is much to do with spiritualism rather than physical health

But misconceptions often break and they do get shattered for betterment. Once I attended Hath Yoga session pertaining to Angmardana module and it soon dawned upon me that Yoga cannot be confused with mere chanting but is the most effective way to transform body, mind and soul and touches upon stretching, strength, flexibility, breathing and physical movement to an extent simply incredible. I have skimmed and scanned through many advertisements of VLCC with photograph of two people which they claim to be one and the first image carry the title before and another after and you may simply mutter what a sham. However, I have actually come across people who have transformed through lives by walking through the alleys of Yoga

Hath Yoga is the classical way of performing Yogic Kriyas and the modules namely Upa Yoga, Surya Kriya, Yogasanas and Angmardhana are truly powerful and are real ways to recreate yourself. Some progressive establishments have taken a creative step of organizing such sessions outside the territories of megapolitan cities under the blue open sky, serene milieu, fresh air, satvik meals and many places to explore. Such sessions prove to be highly effective as they show an ideal way of life but what is most important is that you follow the path in a consistent manner till it becomes part and parcel of your life.

Yoga especially Hath Yoga not only helps you to cope up from the diseases but guide you to understand your real yet covert powers of achieving, imaging, thinking and creating. The words may not do complete justice to the transformation which you will undergo, so do take this mystic experience soon. 


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