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While sitting at the workplace, more often than not, you feel to move miles away from hustle bustle of the big city, relax for a while, eat healthy, follow a nice regime and above all reduce stress cropped up from growing pressure from all directions. In such situations, you do apply for a leave, plan a visit once leave gets sanctioned and relax for a while. It proves to be a great healing exercise when no routine needs to be followed, you can watch television for long lying lazily on comfortable beds of the hotel room, relish eating rich and royal delicacies and visit some popular places in and around. The vacation gets over and you get back with some sweet memories which remain within for sometime before getting faded. This is a great step and you should undertake it to remain lively, fresh and energetic.

But have you ever thought of spending some free moments in a place which may only offer basic amenities but may provide lifetime experience wrapped with freshness, innocence, emotions and affection, yes we are talking about Village Holiday Packages In India. Bariza Holidays seek to introduce you to somewhat untouched in fact forgotten world of villages of India with its unique range of Village Trips to India. The nation has made progress in all fields and avenues and the imprints of such development is visible everywhere but there are still villages and rural belts scattered in different pockets of the country that are untouched, offer serenity, simplicity, fresh air, unadulterated food and all mixed with pure love and affinity. Rural Tourism in India is getting popular day by day and there are very few companies dealing in Village Tour Packages.

The days here start at crack of the dawn, lifestyle involves physical labour and drudgery, complacency can be felt everywhere and despite hardships in galore what never ends is hospitable nature, respect for all and those winsome smiles of the denizens of the villages. The villagers are ever ready to share every bit, prefer community development to self-development and what you may find in their sparkling eyes is care, concern and admiration for you. Our Village Holiday Packages are designed in such a manner that once booking any village trip to india you will be very much aware of village life after finishing the village trip.

So, do come with us and experience what most of you never have ranging from milking of cow to climbing trees, sowing seeds to harvesting in farms, plucking fruits from orchards to climbing trees, learn to cook to singing folk songs, experiencing cultures to breathing and thinking fresh. Spending some days on village tours would give a lifetime experience.Our team has a strong reach in several villages across the nation and would yen to plan out Village Travel Packages so incredible and unimaginable for you.

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Unexplored Sarmoli A Kumaoni Village Tour Package

ID: 417 Kumaon • 5 Nights / 6 Days Price per person 16,500
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Village Tour Package With Jungle Safari

ID: 594 Jim Corbett • 3 Nights / 4 Days Price per person 15,600
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