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The books of World History have always made many of us curious about foreign lands and as the entire world has turned into a Global Village, visiting foreign destinations has become simpler and easier. Hundreds of thousands of people move to foreign nations for business, holidays or combination of both. Different countries have so much to offer which is simply breathtaking and proves to be a lifetime experience. The more you travel, the wider your horizon becomes is not just a cliché but is true in every sense. 

One may not only explore incredible destinations and experience what may be considered as rare but also get familiarized with cultures and traditions prevailing across the globe and may breathe as a veritable Global Citizen. Different individuals have different notions about a foreign holiday. The destinations are numerous and even one country offers such a great deal that exploring it all during one visit may not be feasible during most of the times. 

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Enjoying holidays in foreign is an eternal memory. Going on an International Holiday Package is not like a thing to be dreamt about it but to be embark upon. We, at Bariza Holidays, brings you the best international deals on standard as well as tailor-made international tours, across the globe permitting to visit your dream of visiting any foreign land on the globe. Have a look on our structured list to find a range of linked international holiday vacation packages and grasp your extended dream of an international holiday. 

Whether planning an International Honeymoon Trip To Europe, UAE, Maldives or the Mauritius, Australia or International Family Holiday Packages, our best international tour packages from India, take you to your choice of dream destination. One can choose variety of different itineraries from our international tour packages starting from India. We offers all kinds of International Holiday Packages like, adventure, honeymoon, family trips, group tour packages, and couple packages.

Bariza Events & Holidays Pvt. Ltd. team is firmly determined to assist you with your zeal to explore the world. We offer complete global travel solutions ranging from holiday packages to getting the visa stamped to arranging for foreign currency to arranging for able guide in foreign lands. We completely understand that not all of us are frequent foreign visitors and knowledge with us about distant lands is confined to web pages of myriad websites. Our concerned team at Bariza Events and Holidays first attempt to understand your idea of foreign holiday, season of travel, budget implications and other relevant aspects and then suggest travel plans which may prove to be suitable to you in all respects.

However, our role does not end here. As soon as you take a travel package from us, we ensure that you do not face any problem or difficulty at any stage as the problems seem graver in foreign lands as the people we know or we are familiar with are not present there. The team here will act as your virtual travel partner and at no point in time you will feel all alone. Our strategic partners who are based in different parts of the world are being carefully chosen and our expectations for our clients is well defined and we do not adjust when it comes to comfort and safety of theirs. 

Best Dubai UAE Tour Packages :- Searching a Best UAE Tour Package for your own or looking to gift it to nears and dears? Let’s Plan a mesmeric trip to United Arab Emirates with Bariza Holidays Team. To Book an exciting travel to United Arab Emirates coordinated with thrilling United Arab Emirates Tour  Travel packages from United Arab Emirates, an energetic country loaded with many colours and contrast and has everything to offer tourists, You can also find our budget Tour Travel packages and trips for other admired International Tourist Destinations across the globe. United Arab Emirates Tour Packages - Best deals on United Arab Emirates Trips and Tour Travel packages at Bariza Holidays. Consult with us for United Arab Emirates Tour Packages for customisation and United Arab Emirates Holiday Vacation Packages.

Dubai An all time favourite tourist destinations in the world for various kinds of holidays and tours, and it is receives millions of traveller visiting the Dubai each year. Whether Dubai Shopping Festivals Tour Package, loads of Dubai Adventure Tour Packages and Dubai culinary delights – Dubai Holidays will be all about this and many more! Whether you are on a Dubai Honeymoon Tour, or visiting with family and friends on fun filled Dubai holidays, will inspire you to visit Dubai again and again. Dubai’s main attractions includes tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa and spectacular man made wonder Palm Jumeirah are the jewels of Dubai. Visiting Dubai would not be completed without a going on dinner cruise, where one can enjoy the best of Middle Eastern Cuisine, panoramic night life and flavours.Yes, Nightlife is one of the famous attractions in Dubai. Ranging from hookah bars, restaurants, pubs, and lounges, you may have a exciting night-out in Dubai.

Here you can’t left Shopping because it is the name of the game in Dubai. Visit to Dubai Mall, world famous Dubai Gold Souk and of-course Mall of the Emirates for best offers on gifts for your nears and dears and beloved. Adventure enthusiast can try a hands with activities like skydiving, hot-air ballooning, Zorbing, skiing, scuba diving, Dubai Dhow Cruise and Dubai Desert Safari in the sand dunes.

We at Bariza Holidays offers many Best Dubai budget packages, tempting those who are looking for luxury all through their Dubai Budget Holidays packages. Dubai is really an reasonable and thrilling honeymoon destination for everyone. Dubai Holiday Packages – To Book Best Dubai Trips and Dubai Tour Travel packages at Bariza Holidays. Dubai Tour Packages and Dubai holiday Packages can be tailored as per your budget and choice too. So let’s a Visit to Dubai and its different tourist attractions with Dubai Holiday Vacation packages this year. Discover exhilarating Dubai Tourism with Best Dubai budget vacation packages.


Nepal Tour Packages :- Plan your Nepal Travel Packages with Bariza Holidays and get pampered. Are you looking for a Nepal Tour Travel Package to unwind and treat, extraordinary travels in Nepal with family and friends, We at Bariza Holidays offers various trip to Nepal for your favourite chill-out spot or new adventure destinations in Nepal, yes you have come on a right place. Revive your life again and add some spice to it with our range of thrilling Nepal Tour Packages. Bariza Holidays offers great discounts and deals on different Nepal Holidays Packages. Learn More about Nepal tourism, travel to Nepal Adventure Destinations and its diverse tourist attractions with Nepal Tour Travel Packages. Discover romantic Nepal Honeymoon Tour Packages with Nepal Luxury tour packages, Best Nepal Adventure Tour Package and Nepal Trekking Trips. Nepal Packages – Cheap and Best offers on Nepal Trips and Nepal Tour Travel Packages Call us now or send email for best deals Nepal Vacation Packages and personalised Nepal Holiday Packages

Bhutan Tour Packages :- Pamper your beloved or your family with our range of Bhutan Travel Packages. Either you are searching for a Best Bhutan Tour Package for adventure or to indulge in, special travels to Bhutan with Family, friends and beloved, a Best Trip To Bhutan your favourite hot spot or a Bhutan Adventure Tour Package, Bhutan Honeymoon Package or Bhutan Family Holiday Packages, you have reached on a right place. Rejuvenate yourself and add some spice in it with our exciting Bhutan Tour Travel Packages. We offers great discounts and deals on range of Bhutan Vacation Packages. See Bhutan tourism, travel on Bhutan Adventure Tour Packages and its different tourist attractions with Bhutan holiday packages. Discover Romantic Bhutan Honeymoon Tour Packages with Luxury Bhutan Holiday packages. Best Bhutan Packages – To Book Best deals on Bhutan Tours and  Bhutan Travel Packages at BarizaHolidays. Contact us on email or call our Bhutan Tour experts for best Bhutan Holiday Packages for Bhutan Packages & customized Bhutan tours.

Sri Lanka Tour Packages :- Whether planning to gift a Sri Lanka Honeymoon Tour Package or looking for a Sri Lanka Tour Package for your own? Just think of Bariza Holidays and plan an appealing trip to Sri Lanka. Book an exciting travel to Sri Lanka co-ordinated with thrilling Sri Lanka Travel Packages through Bariza Holidays. Sri Lanka, an energetic country rich in colour and contrast has many things to cater every traveller, Find low Budget Sri Lanka travel packages and Online Best Sri Lanka Trips. Sri Lanka Tour Travel Packages – We give Best offers on Sri Lanka Honeymoon Tour Packages & Sri Lanka Beach Travel Packages at Bariza Holidays. Consult with our Sri Lanka Tour experts before booking, online Sri Lanka packages & Sri Lanka Holiday vacation Packages.

Turkey Tour Packages :- Looking for a Turkey tour package? Come let’s plan a mesmeric Turkey Holiday Package with Bariza Holidays. Go on a en exciting and thrilling Trip To Turkey coordinated with exhilarating Turkey Vacation Packages from . Turkey is a vibrant country with rich colour and contrast, and has everything to tender every tourist. Please find our budget Turkey travel packages and Turkey travel deals under International Holiday Packages .Turkey Travel Packages – Cheap and Best offers on Turkey Trip and Turkey Packages on .Email us or call our Turkey Travel Packages experts for Best customized Turkey Tour Packages & Turkey holiday vacation packages.  

Spain Tour Packages: - If your think of an ultimate holiday place then Spain comes in  mind right away. Spain a land of immaculate coastlines and islands, with UNESCO World Heritage sites, overwhelming and assorted countryside, sparkling nightlife, lovely cuisines and world famous festivals like Tomatina, Semana Santa, San Fermin (Pamplona Bull Run), Las Fallas, Cristianos y Moros, Feria de Sevilla and Carnivals. It has five sovereign regions, Seville, Andalusia, Granada, Cordoba and Barcelona which makes up Spain; And you know what, each one is boasting off and possess different set of distinct culture and attractions. To Book a memorable Spain Holiday Package, you can book any one of the appropriate Spain Tour Travel Packages on best prices, just think of Bariza Holidays and log on to, click on international holidays and select. Spain Tour Packages – Cheap and Best prices on Spain Trips & Tours Packages on Bariza Holidays. Email us or call our Spain Tour experts for your mesmerising customised Spain packages & Spain Holiday Vacation Packages.  

Mauritius Tour Packages :- We offers all kinds of Mauritius Tour packages on best prices. Shoreline of Mauritius is famous attraction among tourist and in couple who are on Mauritius Honeymoon Tour. For the ease of travellers tourist spots in Mauritius has been divided into four main zones north, south, east and west Mauritius. One can catch bus or taxi to visit the sightseeing destinations of Mauritius like Black River Gorges, Eureka and Ganga Talao, Blue Bay, Casela Park and Mertello Towers etc. are some of the main points of Mauritius. After seeing the sights on trip to Mauritius try to visit the world class spas and revitalize yourself. Our Mauritius Holiday packages cater superb shopping opportunity as well on Mauritius Honeymoon Packages. If you are an adventure lover, then Mauritius Holidays are an ideal choice for you. Mauritius holiday packages comprises of adventure activities like deep sea fishing, snorkelling, hiking, swimming and lounging on the coastline. Apart from these, on a Mauritius tours take pleasure in golfing at a few of the world’s best golf courses. 

Try our more electrifying Mauritius Honeymoon Packages and Best Mauritius tour packages. Best Mauritius Tour Packages - Best deals on Mauritius Family Tour and Travel Packages at Bariza Holidays. Speak to our Mauritius Tour experts and select a suitable deal for your customized Mauritius Packages and Mauritius Holiday Vacation Packages.

Maldives Travel Packages :-  Stunning beach views, scenic luxury and lagoons – Holidays in Maldives have lot more to offer. The prettiness of Maldives is matchless and it catches attraction of tourists from round the globe throughout the year. Maldives Holiday Packages includes trip to unexplored islands, tours to prehistoric temples, diving and snorkelling activities. Maldives is a seventh heaven for snorkelling and scuba diving lovers and undoubtly for those who are visiting on their Maldives Honeymoon Packages. Either choose water sports or just relax at the beach or meet up locals, Maldives Holiday packages gives you the wonderful blend to enjoy a great past time in this tropical heaven. Best Maldives Packages - Best deals on Maldives Tour Packages and Travel packages on Bariza Holidays. You may contact us on email or call us our Maldives Tour experts  for  best deals on customized Maldives Packages and Maldives Holiday vacation packages.

Singapore Tour Packages :- Singapore is one of the most favourite holiday destination among today’s tourist generation for fun packed trip. When you are booking a Singapore Honeymoon Tour Package to Singapore, make sure you that well inform in advance hotel to get some extras built-in for complimentary. Singapore Vacation Packages are mostly thrilling and full with activities. Do not forget to include Sentosa Island Trip as part of your Singapore Holiday Package itinerary. Bariza Holidays offers many tours and Singapore vacation packages to which includes visit to this Island resort. During Singapore shopping festival, we introduce grand exciting travel deals for Best Singapore Travel Packages. Check-out for Singapore discounted holiday packages and deals to Singapore at the time of planning to take a Singapore Vacations. Singapore Holidays And Singapore Tour Package – Log on To Book Singapore Travel Packages and travel deals at Bariza Holidays. Singapore Honeymoon Tour Packages and Singapore Holiday Packages can be planned as per your taste and budget. Make a plan a to visit Singapore, travel to Singapore and its different tourist hot spots with our Singapore tour packages and Singapore Holiday Packages. Discover electrifying Singapore Tourism with Best cheap Singapore Honeymoon packages.

Best Indonesia Tour Travel Packages :- Thinking of Bali Honeymoon Package or planning Bali Family To Package? Let’s plan a mesmeric trip to Indonesia. Bali land of civilization and unimaginable beauty. Bali is exciting and perfect, and comes under the highly tourist volume received destinations for Bali Honeymoon Tours and Bali Family Tour Package in recent time, offering tourists with a option to get away the boredom of city-life by offering them a memorable travel experience for a lifetime. Bali has come up very fast on the map of the world as one of the favourite honeymoon tour destination recently. Trip to Bali will fascinate all with its countless tourist attractions and activities, and range of Bali Tour Packages are on offer, which includes trip to almost on all places. 

So, are you ready to travel to Bali Indonesia coordinated with thrilling Indonesia Tour Packages by Bali Indonesia Tour Packages - Best Bali Tour offers on Indonesia Trip and Tour Travel Packages at Bariza Holidays. Talk to our Bali Indonesia Tour experts or email us, our Bali Trip team will try to give you best deals for Bali Indonesia Honeymoon vacation packages and also on customized Bali Indonesia Family Tour Packages.

Thailand Tour Packages :- Holidaying in Thailand, Bangkok Pattaya and Phuket can be a real enjoyable and interesting with our Best Thailand Tour Package. Thailand, in South East Asia is a well-liked holidaying destination where you can have pleasing, fun-filled holidays. The country has abundant adventurous sporting activities that are attractive to the visitors. Thailand Holiday Packages and Thailand Tour Travel Packages are hot deals these days. To Book Online Thailand Tour Travel Packages & Customised Thailand Holiday Packages consult with our Thailand Tour experts.

So, plan a foreign trip of your choice with us and turn it into a memorable one…