Internship And Volunteering Opportunities

Learning and a strong desire to learn is what turns humans into real beings. The complexities and mysteries have got unraveled due to learning but more importantly due to sharing of knowledge with a strong tinge of self-improvisation. Most of us, especially urbanites and fortunately privileged do feel of returning something back to the society and the means and modes are several and varied. Making large sum of donations may be a noble step but undertaking a philanthropic project or becoming a part of it is what is most satisfying and is true service. In order to strengthen this notion and put it into reality, Bariza Events and Holidays has introduced a concept of internship and volunteering across India and Nepal. The projects undertaken are quite interesting and are directly focused to benefit lesser privileged masses which reside in suburbs and villages.

Moreover, the focus of this entire initiative is also to develop understanding and liking for Mother Nature and other living beings which we call as wildlife that includes flora and fauna. The learning may be derived in the following fields namely:

  • Wildlife Photography
  • Study of Flora and Fauna
  • Bird Watching
  • Butterfly Watching
  • Yoga

And you may contribute in the field of Education, Vocational Training, Agricultural Techniques and Practices and Computer Training.

The projects are meant to build respect for environment and necessity for its protection and at the same time to help residents of villages to turn into more reliable, responsible and credible professional beings. The learning and sharing bit does never confine enjoyment and excitement and you will truly enjoy going on nature treks, wildlife safaris, village tours, culinary classes, milking of cow, learning art and craft, tree climbing, fun at orchards, adventure sports, attending local ceremonies and the list continues.

So, if you feel interested in taking a project with us, you may simply require to fill the form given below and we will embark on the journey of providing you available options, locations and probable areas. Look forward to a meaningful association.


Happy Learning and Sharing!

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